At Dylan Russell Interiors we make your ideas real

Based in a World War I aircraft hangar in the Cotswolds, Dylan Russell  master craftsmen design and hand-craft your ideas into beautiful furniture tailor-made to fit your home perfectly.  We understand that no space is the same and that everyone’s requirements are slightly different.  At Dylan Russell there is no such thing as a regular size cabinet or a standard door front in our workshop – we design and make everything by hand to fit your requirements and style.

Ours is a truly traditional workshop, it is about making things, hand-crafting and building beautiful furniture. We use time-tested methods to make furniture for the long term from quality materials.  We know that designing and building a kitchen or bespoke cabinetry is something you may do only once or twice in your life so it needs to last.

Complete attention is given to every part of the process from the first drawings to the last lick of paint to ensure that you get the job you have hoped for.

We don’t have an expensive showroom to run (although you are very welcome to drop into the workshop) and we don’t use bland computer software to create your vision, so our prices may be more competitive than you would expect.

To begin realising your ideas and dreams of unique home furniture that’s truly individual to you, call us today on 01666 577730